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Thank You First Lady Michelle Obama: Now May Your Impassioned Work for Women and Girls Continue!

Posted January 18, 2017

We honor Michelle Obama for her exceptional service and dedication as America ’s First Lady over the past eight years. She has been a potent inspiration for all the people of the world.

Now we ask her to devote herself, as she returns to private life, to channeling her innate passion for the health and well-being of women and children to rid the world of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

It is all very well to grow vegetables in an organic garden – but what if the atmosphere is raining down radiation that will seep into the soil and be absorbed by the food we harvest from our gardens and feed our children?

It is all very well to encourage children to select honey-nut Cheerios over Fruit Loops – but what if the milk they pour over their breakfast cereal contains the long- and-short-lived radioisotopes that cause cancer?

We encourage everyone to visit the website to read the posting “Risks to Women and Children from Nuclear Reactors,”
and the website to read the posting “Women and Children Require More Protection from Ionizing Radiation,”.

Women and children are especially vulnerable to exposure to radiation, which can damage their organs and lead to pain, suffering and early death, interrupting their fulfillment of life’s dreams.

We were disappointed that as First Lady Michelle Obama declined our offer of the gift of Katie the Goat’s granddaughter, Dana Blue-Eyes, to be one of the First Family’s White House pets and eventually radiation monitor once she began producing milk (See although we really appreciated her email calling our idea “fantastic” and wishing us good luck with the goat milk project.

But we are happy to announce Dana’s impending delivery of baby kids! Dana and we would be honored if the Obama Family would welcome the kids to their new home as pets and radiation monitors!

We were pained to witness on October 10, 2015 Michelle Obama’s act as First Lady christening of the USS Illinois – the Navy’s latest ballistic missile attack submarine capable of firing nuclear weapons that could annihilate life on this planet. We recognize temporal political realities that drive such endeavors. But we truly hope Michelle Obama will join the heroes and heroines of the nuclear-free world movement and exert the full force of her being to ridding the world of the nuclear menace.

We cannot think of a higher calling.