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Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator: Please respond to our request!

To Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator:

There’s Still Time to Respond to Our December 27, 2012 FOIA Request About Fukushima Monitoring! Please Do!

Gina McCarthyWe were alarmed to learn of the broken-down, volunteer-run ramshackle radiation monitoring system you oversaw in the days following the triple nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in March 2011.

Despite its gross limitations and insufficiencies, it did pick up traces of deadly Fukushima radioactivity in rainwater in Hartford CT and milk samples in Burlington VT and elsewhere.

But we wanted much, much more information and we FOIA-ed you for more.
You produced scanty records, heavily redacted to conceal the names of the people you were communicating with and other vital information.

We appealed for full disclosure.

By letter issued by your office of general counsel dated July 30, 2015, we received assurances our appeal would be properly addressed.

After that, we never heard from your general counsel again.

Please make it a priority before you leave office to release complete records responsive to our FOIA request.

However, as your first priority please be certain to reject the unconscionable new radioactivity-in-drinking-water standards you have advocated which increase by thousands of times allowable levels of radioactivity in the public drinking water due to nuclear accident or nuclear operations.

In short, please take action now to dispel any thought to the contrary that as EPA Administrator you have placed the interests of the nuclear power industry ahead of the public interest.