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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: TELL HER TO BE A WATER PROTECTOR!

If you were a mother and formerly Connecticut’s Commissioner of Environmental Protection, would you want your lasting legacy in the closing days of the Obama Administration (in which you served as Administrator of the Environmental Agency) to be that you allowed levels of radioactivity in drinking water to be thousands of times more than allowed under the Bush Administration?

Call EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy (202-564-4700) NOW and tell her not to allow grossly heightened health risks to our most vulnerable population – women and young children.

Tell Administrator McCarthy to be a Water Protector.

Tell her to replace her misnamed “Protective Action Guides” with existing drinking water quality standards and guides that protect pregnant women and children.

See story on NBC.

Read Beyond Nuclear’s comments on the PAGS.

Beyond Nuclear suggests you use this sample text:

Email address:

Sample text:
To: Administrator McCarthy

Please reject the drinking water PAGs. They do not protect pregnancy and childhood. In combination with the other PAGs, they would result in risks much higher than what EPA states are its risk goals for protecting public health. Don’t let your legacy be drinking water poisoned by radioactivity!