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Event: Stop the Nuclear Industry’s Plan to Hijack the Fight for Clean Energy!

Speaker Tim Judson

Executive Director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Center, who led a successful 2014 campaign to close the Vermont Yankee reactor.

Saturday, February 18, 2017;
6:00 p.m.
Connecticut Forest & Park Association
6 Meriden Rd, Rockfall, CT 06481

The Solutions Project has demonstrated that there are no technical obstacles to an emergency transition to a 100% clean renewable energy grid in Connecticut, and in the nation as a whole, by 2050. Other engineers assure us it can and must be done sooner. An emergency transition, together with energy conservation programs and the immediate development of abundant mass transit, will not only reduce climate change emissions but also provide more good paying jobs and lower the cost of living for CT residents.

The nuclear industry, long understood as unacceptably dangerous for those living in its midst and those mining its deadly fuel, is intervening to stop this transition. They are attempting to prolong the life of this outmoded energy source by falsely rebranding it as “zero-carbon emissions” and as part of the solution to climate change. In Connecticut, a bill has been introduced to allow the Millstone Nuclear Power Station, a particularly unsafe and environmentally destructive component of the current dirty energy system, to grab an even large share of the market.

All climate justice activists must reject this attempt of the nuclear industry to derail the fight for an emergency transition to real renewables. Get the tools you need to effectively oppose the nuclear industry game plan by coming to hear a national expert.

Sponsored by 350 CT and the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone.

For more information visit, email or call Ben at (203) 350-3508 or call Nancy at (203) 313-1510.

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