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Beware of sea spray at Niantic Bay and Jordan Cove beaches!

Source: Beyond Nuclear Radioactive sea spray is dosing communities by Tim Deere-Jones

Millstone News

State Declares Millstone “At Risk of Closing” – Coalition Declares Millstone “At Risk of Not Closing”

As of Monday, November 19, 2018, Millstone Unit 2 has been on an unplanned shutdown for 16 days because of serious issues of malfunction of critical safety equipment inside the nuclear reactor core.

In fact, it has been shut down for most of the past two months since a scheduled 37-day refueling outage commencing on September 27.

The company was trying to bring the unit from zero power to 100% power incrementally for several days so it could stem its hemorrhaging losses due to the shutdown and inability to generate and sell electricity.

The power level never rose about 19% and the unit was forced to shut down on November 3. Since then it has generated no electricity.

Millstone Unit 2 is a distressed nuclear reactor. It needs to be shut down now permanently because of the continuing great risk it poses to the public health and safety.

The NRC has imposed a secrecy embargo on information about why Millstone Unit 2, now 43 years old, is continuing in the lengthy, expensive unplanned shutdown.

Likewise, the State of Connecticut has released no information about the potentially perilous conditions at Millstone Unit 2. In response to the Coalition’s November 16, 2018 FOI request for information, DEEP released a terse statement that it may be two to three months before it responds.

Unmentioned is the prolonged maintenance/safety-related Unit 2 shutdown in the blitz of news media coverage of the state’s issuance of its “draft” decision released on November 16, 2018, based on “confidential” information withheld from the public, that it deems Millstone “at risk” of closure because it can’t keep up with costs of maintenance and security and maintain the level of profitability it would like. See, e.g.,”PURA Draft Decision Deems Millstone ‘At Risk’”

This “draft” decision opens the door to snuffing the prospects of conversion to truly green and clean technologies becoming widespread elsewhere as nuclear power plants close before their licenses expire.

Bottom Line: Declaring Millstone green and clean although unprofitable, the state is forcing Connecticut residents to forego a necessary transition to safe, secure, sustainable green energy and instead prop up this dangerous, failing, aged technology. Millstone has had a 48-year run of scandal – recall lost high-level nuclear fuel rods, firing of whistleblowers, federal felony charges for lying about its environmental releases of poisons to the Long Island Sound, mandatory three-year shutdown by the NRC and continuous ongoing spewing of toxic, carcinogenic radioactive waste byproducts, including plutonium, to our air and water.

Millstone News

Millstone Unit 2 Still Shut Down (11/16/18)

As of Friday, November 16, 2018, Millstone Unit 2 is still shut down, having failed to power up above 19% capacity following a 37-day planned refueling outage that began on September 27.

For the 13th day since ascending to 19% power on November 3, Unit 2 has been shut down, generating nuclear waste but no nuclear power.

During the refueling outage, Dominion replaced the trouble-plagued unit’s in-core detectors which are located within the nuclear reactor core and are critical to measure and map power levels.

The NRC told the New London Day that Unit 2 was powering up as it emerged from the outage “when it was determined the detectors were not operating properly and a shutdown was necessary.”

Unit 2 had reached 19 per cent power on November 3 when the problem was identified.

The Day reported:
“[NRC spokesman Neil] Sheehan and NRC resident inspectors assigned to Millstone will follow up on Dominion Energy’s troubleshooting efforts and repairs and will track plans to restart the unit.”

Millstone News

In Loving Memory of Joseph H. Besade

Today we honor our hero Joseph H. Besade on the 15th anniversary of his death. He is Sadly missed and always remembered. Although he left us his work here has continued. On December 13th 2016 the Connecticut Supreme Court reversed a lower court decision on the Millstone nuclear power station Clean Water Act permit (a battle he spearheaded). This victory helped vindicate his tireless efforts 13 years after his passing. We know that this is only the beginning. We will continue to make great strides none of which would be possible without the many sacrifices made by Joe.


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We applaud the civic-minded initiatives undertaken by the East Lyme Public Foundation to preserve the man-made Niantic Bay Beach for recreational use. See East Lyme Group Working To Preserve Niantic Bay Beach. (The Day July 2, 2018)

The East Lyme conservation group is overseeing the planting of beach plants in an effort to retard the loss of the trucked-in beach sand to storms and tides.
But what about the “elephant” at the beach – that other manmade wonder, Millstone nuclear power station, the Niantic neighbor that uses our seawater for flushing out chemical and radioactive waste byproducts and the thermal plume round-the-clock, each and every day.

Tides, currents and storms carry Millstone’s deadly poisons to the Niantic Bay shoreline.

When people – especially women and children – are exposed to this contaminated seawater, they risk cancer and other deadly diseases.

We compiled a list of some of the dozens of chemicals and radioisotopes Millstone flushes into Niantic Bay. The list was drawn from filings Millstone’s owners have made with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Please help spread the word among beachgoers and others! Print this “warning” sign and distribute it freely!

Spending a day at the beach shouldn’t be harmful for children and other living creatures.

Print Warning Sign

Posted July 5, 2018

National News World News

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Sample CT Goat Milk For Indian PT Radiation: It’s What the Law Requires

Hon. Rob Klee
CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection v
79 Elm Street
Hartford CT 06106

Milk Sampling for Radiation Downwind of Indian Point

Dear Commissioner Klee:

As you know, Connecticut General Statutes §22a-135(a)(4) provides as follows:

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection shall: …
(a)(4) monitor radiation originating from nuclear plants and perform tests to detect any buildup of radioactivity in the soil, water, plants or animals of the state.

The Indian Point nuclear power station, located in Buchanan NY, routinely releases carcinogenic radioisotopes to the air and water.

 upper - Coquette, lower - Princess
upper – Coquette, lower – Princess

The Fairfield County Connecticut community of Greenwich is located 18 miles DOWNWIND of Indian Point at its closest point. See­health-risks-to-fairfield-county-ct-of-keeping-the-indian-point-nuclear-reactors­open/ (“The portion of Fairfield County with the highest cancer incidence rates are the towns in the southwest part of the county, directly downwind and closest to Indian Point.”)(Report dated 2008)

My own community of Redding is located approximately 30 miles DOWNWIND of Indian Point.

Despite the fact that Indian Point routinely releases carcinogenic radioisotopes to the air, which blows in accordance with the prevailing southeasterly winds into nearby Connecticut, to my knowledge, your agency has never monitored radiation emanating from Indian Point in Connecticut’s soil, water, plants or animals.

Dana Blue Eyes
Dana Blue Eyes

It is well recognized, even by nuclear reactor operators, that cow and especially goat milk are the best known indicators of radioactivity in the environment from nuclear power plants. See, e.g., Dominion Nuclear Connecticut 2015 Annual Environmental Radiological Operating Report at page 4-6 (“Typically, the most sensitive indicator of fission product existence in the terrestrial environment is the radiological analysis of milk samples.”).

This is, therefore, a request that CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection initiate without further delay a program to monitor cow and goat milk in cows and goats grazing downwind of Indian Point.

I specifically request that your agency initiate such monitoring with samples of goat milk collected from goats grazing at the Redding Goat Sanctuary, 14 7 Cross Highway in Redding, which is where I reside. I have available a plentiful supply of fresh goat milk which I would be willing to hand-deliver to the offices of the Connecticut Department of Public Health state laboratory – which has a 30-plus­year history of analyzing goat and cow milk samples from the Millstone nuclear power station vicinity in southeastern Connecticut, continuing to the present.

For your information, radioisotopes detected in goat milk near Millstone pose grave health risks to all biological species; they are especially harmful to pregnant females and their developing babies. See, e.g., For your information, the owners and operators of Indian Point do not monitor cow or goat milk for levels of radioactivity. See, e.g., Indian Point 2016 Annual Environmental Radiological Operating Report,

I look forward to your prompt reply,


Nancy Burton

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Test Goat and Cow Milk DOWNWIND from Millstone

Why Does Dominion Sample Goat and Cow Milk UPWIND of Millstone? Coalition Asks DEEP to Test Goat and Cow Milk DOWNWIND from Millstone

Re: Goat and Cow Milk Sampling Near Millstone

Dear Commissioner Klee:

I write on behalf of the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone to request that CT DEEP commence immediately to carry out a program of sampling goat and cow milk from animals grazing downwind from and in the near vicinity of the Millstone nuclear power station. This letter is informed in part by our experience with Katie the Goat, who grazed five miles from Millstone and whose milk was found by then-DEP to be highly contaminated with carcinogenic radioisotopes. (See

Presently, Millstone’s owner and operator, Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc. samples cow milk from a location (“22-X”) 10.5 miles WestNorthWest from Millstone and goat milk from a location (“23-X”) 11.9 miles NorthNorthWest of Millstone. Please refer to the “Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc. Millstone Power Station Units 1, 2 and 3 – 2016 Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Report” issued on April 29, 2017.

Neither location is downwind of Millstone with regard to prevailing winds traveling from northwest to southeast.

In the same report, Table A-1 lists “Active Dairy Cows Within 20 Miles of Millstone Point – 2016.” Of the 15 locations listed, eight (8) have a “North” or “Northeast” orientation and are located in Stonington, North Stonington and Preston. The closest of these (Preston) is given as 14.1 miles “NE” of Millstone.

In the same report, Table A-2 lists “Dairy Goats Within 20 Miles of Millstone Point – 2016.” Of the 15 locations listed, five (5) have a “NE” or
“E” orientation and are located in Mystic, Preston, Pawcatuck and Westerly RI. The closest of these (Mystic) is given as 12 miles “ENE” of Millstone. The closest goat location is given as 2.1 miles “N” of Millstone in Waterford.

The report further states at page 4-6 inter alia

“Typically, the most sensitive indicator of fission product existence in the terrestrial environment is the radiological analysis of milk samples. Milk is a widely consumed food, therefore it is usually one of the most critical exposure pathways.”

Connecticut General Statutes Section 22a-135(a)(12) mandates that DEEP “monitor sources of ionizing radiation … within the state.”
Goat or cow milk which contains radionuclides is a “source of ionizing radiation … within the state.”

As a matter of simple science, monitoring milk from cows and goats grazing upwind of Millstone (Locations 22X and 23X) is far less likely to detect levels of ionizing radiation, such as is routinely released by Millstone into the air, than monitoring milk from cows and goats grazing downwind from Millstone.

Given the undoubted criticality of assuring that cow and goat milk deriving from farms downwind of Millstone is free of ionizing radiation, and given that Millstone, the company in the best position to monitor the milk from cows and goats downwind of Millstone but does not do so, it is imperative that DEEP take on this task for the health and safety of its residents, as the statute mandates.

I look forward to your response.


Nancy Burton

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Right Now Dominion is Currently Blasting Severe Radiation to Our Air

October 12-17, 2017

Dominion To Blast Severe Radiation to Our Air as It “Purges” Millstone 3 Containment During Outage:
The Worst Time to Be in SE Connecticut If You Care About Your Family or Your Health

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