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Millstone Green and Clean? Ha! Dominion Comes ‘Clean’ on Its Website

Dominion is running a propaganda campaign to fool the public into believing its Millstone operations are “green and clean.”

Don’t be fooled! Go to Dominion’s own website to see this forecast of planned airborne radiation releases during April 2017:

On April 2 and 3, Dominion has been “purging” its containment. Translation: Venting to our air its deadly build-up of carcinogenic radioisotopes.

That’s just the start: They’re readying that old, failing nuclear reactor for yet another refueling outage in April. That’s the dirtiest time to be around Millstone 2 – except during an “accident” – because the workers are kept busy releasing and venting and discharging the building-up of toxic radiation to our air and water.

Dominion has to report these inconvenient truths on its website because the CT Coalition Against Millstone persuaded the legislature to pass a law requiring it to do so, the only one of its kind in the country.

Millstone is a dirty, dirty, dirty, antiquated technology to boil water.

Remember: Windmills don’t melt down!

Table 1 (below) provides a schedule of Millstone Power Station’s upcoming airborne batch effluent releases and the associated estimated activities.

millstone radiation releases for April 2017

millstone airborne radiation release chart
Figure 1: Millstone Nuclear Power Station actual and projected monthly batch and continuous airborne effluent releases.