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October 2014: Millstone Set for Worst Radiation Releases to the Air You and Your Family Breathe

Dominion is gearing Millstone up for its worst releases of radioactive waste to the air you breathe and to the shoreline’s life-sustaining waters during the month of October.

During October, Millstone Unit 3 will shut down for a scheduled refueling.

The uninitiated might welcome this news because logic should dictate that it must be safer to breathe during a nuclear reactor shutdown than when it’s operating full blast at 100% power.

Sorry to dispel the illusions: a nuclear power plant’s worst releases to your air and water – other than during accidents and emergencies – occur during refueling outages because that’s when the radiation-contaminated systems are “purged” and deferred maintenance of radiation-intense components is performed.

Don’t take our word for it.
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It’s not a pretty picture.

At its website,, Dominion projects the quantities of radioactivity it plans to release in advance of the release.

Dominion didn’t volunteer to publicize this information about its 24/7 disregard for how it treats your environment and your health.

Dominion wants you to believe it’s a benevolent neighbor and the radiation you can’t see, smell, hear or taste doesn’t exist.

The Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone changed all that when it got the Connecticut legislature to pass a law in 2008 that forces Dominion to post its airborne radioactive projections in advance – the only law of its kind in the U.S. Here it is: Connecticut General Statutes §22a-135(c) )(“Licensees shall post on their websites all plans for routine and continuous releases of radiation to the atmosphere, including dates, times and fissile materials, as soon as such releases are scheduled.”)

No surprise, Dominion is not in compliance with that simple law.

Our research shows that Dominion neglected to post its projected releases during the summer of 2014 even though Millstone has numerous continuous releases going on at any one time.

We could not confirm our information because when we filed a Freedom of Information request with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (“DEEP”), which has responsibility for overseeing Dominion’s compliance with the law, DEEP told us it has no records which pertain to Dominion’s compliance or lack of compliance with that law.

When we checked the Dominion website this morning, the information posted was out of date: Dominion was stuck in September 3 days into October.

When we checked the NRC website this morning, its most current information is from yesterday, October 2: Millstone 3 at 100% power.

Dominion is withholding from the public – not to mention the Connecticut legislature and DEEP – the information the law mandates that it report.

Time to contact your Connecticut legislators, Governor Dannel Malloy, Attorney General George Jepsen and DEEP:

Find and contact your state legislators:

Contact Governor Malloy:

Contact Attorney General Jepsen:

Contact DEEP Commissioner:

Contact Jeffrey Semancic, DEEP Radiation Director:

Leave Dominion a Google+ review:

Time to rein in Dominion, that nuclear profiteer.

Millstone radioactive air pollution during October 2014