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Dr. Sternglass turns 91 today

Happy 91st Birthday Today to Dr. Ernest Sternglass!

All Best Birthday Wishes to a Brilliant Pioneering Scientist
in the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation

It was Dr. Sternglass who alerted us and the world when Dominion reported finding a concentration of 55 picoCuries per liter of strontium-90 in the milk of Katie the Goat when she was living 5 miles downwind of Millstone and grazing on pasture grass in 2001. That concentration was nearly TWICE the level of the highest concentrations of strontium-90 in milk sold commercially in Connecticut during the peak of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in the 1960s. Dominion and Gina McCarthy, then Commissioner of CT’s Department of Environmental Protection denied a causal link with Millstone. McCarthy now serves as Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Posted September 23, 2014