Millstone News

No Niantic No!

With apologies to the late, great Chuck Berry (“Johnny B. Goode”)

No Niantic No!

We were cruising PA Ave on a picture-perfect day
The ocean waves ahead beckoned us to play
We looked to the east but what did we see?
The radiation stack of M-I-L-L-S-T-O-N-E.
The air seemed clear, the sky was blue, so how could we tell
That tower belched a poison, radiation straight from hell.
We couldn’t help but breathe it as we drove right along
We want YOU to know the truth so we wrote you this song.

Repeating refrain:
No Niantic No!
Say No Niantic No!
Say No Niantic No!
Say No Niantic No!
Say No Niantic No!

We thought we’d take a dip in the water anyway
At the sandy beach on Niantic Bay
But our feet got stuck in the nuclear crud
Buried deep down in the radioactive mud.
For 47 years Millstone’s used the LI Sound
As its toxic radwaste toilet, that’s what we have found
Dominion says Millstone’s squeaky clean but that’s a big lie
Millstone’s dirty and dangerous. It’s making people die.


By now we were feeling some keen hunger pangs
Thought we’d like some fish -the kind without fangs
The fishmonger said he wouldn’t delay
The catch of the day had just come in from Niantic Bay
There was no one to inspect it so we took him at his word
So we wolfed down cesium-137 – now isn’t that absurd?
The CE-137 attached itself to our internal cells
A Niantic souvenir inside our organs dwells.

As we gulped down our meal and paid our luncheon bill
We saw the sign posted by the window sill:
“We are sorry to inform you – don’t choke on that bone –
But you have entered the Nuclear Evacuation Zone”
Just like at Fukushima, when it triple-melted down
The government will lie if terrorists come to town
Plan to kiss the ones you love and don’t be left alone
There’s no escape if you reside in Millstone’s N.E. Zone.

A poster said “Sign here” for Senate Bill 106
Said the bill was a “high electric-rate” fix
But when we read the bill it was full of tricks
Those legislators must think we’re country-bumpkin hicks
The bill is just a giveaway to Millstone’s corporate suits
It would keep that sucker open – Hartford’s in deep cahoots

Everyone was talkin’ about Millstone’s worst scandal
The cancer and illnesses are more than they can handle
Losing women and children – the tragedy is cruel.
What’s the cause of this – We know – We’re not a fool
We said we have an answer to stop all this cancer:
Tell Dominion “Pack your bags and Go!”
Just pack your bags and GO!

Go Dominion Go!
Say Go Dominion Go!
Say Go Dominion Go!
Say Go Millstone Go!
Say Go Dominion Go!