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We have asked the State of Connecticut (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)(“DEEP”) to test the milk we sampled from Victoria the Goat on May 27, 2019 for the presence of radioactivity.

Victoria (great granddaughter of Katie the Goat) lives in Redding, Connecticut, about 25 miles downwind of the Indian Point nuclear power plant. DEEP is required by state law to monitor the environment downwind of nuclear power plants for buildup of radioactivity, but it has no such monitoring program.

The state’s director of radiation, Jeffrey Semancik, has refused to test Victoria’s milk! He says nuclear reactor licensees are not required by the federal government to test goat milk more than 10 miles from a nuclear power plant. (Debatable.)

Here’s the problem: DEEP is not a nuclear power plant licensee. Its allegiance is supposed to be to the public interest, not the nuclear industry. (Semancik’s prior employer was Dominion; he was a Millstone 3 operator.)

Ironically, Semancik forbid us from sending any more of Victoria’s goat milk samples for DEEP lab analysis. He said if we did they would not be analyzed but would be isolated as “potentially hazardous materials.”


Just go test the milk, Jeff. You never know what you may learn.

Readers stay tuned: We are appealing Jeff’s decision to Katie Dykes, DEEP Commissioner.