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Millstone Presentation Highlights

We thank Jeffrey Semancik, Connecticut’s DEEP Radiation Director who previously operated Millstone Unit 3 and held other senior positions at Millstone, for joining our presentation to the public in East Lyme on September 24. It was titled “Has Millstone Been a Good Neighbor?”

We asked the audience members to decide for themselves if Millstone has been a good neighbor after hearing these and other statistics taken from Dominion’s report of Millstone’s radiation releases to the air and water in 2013, the most recent report available.


  • Millstone 3 released radiation to the air in a continuous “containment purge” lasting nearly 3 hours. The containment encloses the nuclear reactor and is Millstone 3’s Ground Zero of intense radioactivity.
  • Millstone Unit 3 released radiation to the air through “containment vents” virtually every single day in 2013, averaging 2-3 hours per vent.
  • Millstone Unit 2 released radioactive batches of air during 57 containment vents for a total of 144 hours – six days!
  • Millstone Unit 1 – which stopped producing electricity in 1995 and confers no public benefit – still vents radioactivity to the air and water and ships plutonium to South Carolina.


  • Millstone 3 released 239 batches of radioactive water to the Sound. The longest liquid release lasted 44,600 minutes – that’s 743 hours, over 30 days.
  • Millstone 2 and 3 sucked in 2.2 billion gallons of water per day – that’s 730 billion gallons per year – from the Long Island Sound.
  • Millstone 3 is allowed by Connecticut permit to release water to the Sound 28 degrees hotter than the intake temperature, while Millstone 2 is allowed to release it 32 degrees hotter.

posted September 29th, 2014