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13 Years After 9/11: Why No Security Barrier at Millstone?

Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has doled out many millions of dollars to bolster security in the New London coastal area of southeastern Connecticut. Recent enhancements:

  • A $375,000 police boat for Stonington
  • A $700,000 firefighting boat for Mystic
  • A $520,000 patrol boat for Waterford
  • Surveillance cameras and fences at State Pier in New London[1]

So why does Homeland Security continue to allow Dominion to refuse its offer of a FREE (taxpayer-paid) floating security barrier to protect Millstone’s exposed intake structures from sabotage which could have calamitous consequences?

It would look something like this:


The U.S. Navy’s Nuclear Sub Base in nearby Groton has one.


Just last year, even the defunct Connecticut Yankee nuclear reactor site in East Haddam was fitted with a similar floating barrier blocking access to the former discharge canal and the thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel stored a short distance away. See “’Orange Scar’ on Connecticut River,” Hartford Courant, September 6, 2014.

Five years after 9/11, Dominion flagrantly flousted its disregard for national security and our safety when it routinely disabled Millstone’s perimeter security fence to save money. Then Dominion fired the courageous whistleblower who complained and he shared the information with us. We broke the story in the Boston Globe after no news media outlet in Connecticut would touch it.

Sign our petition to demand Homeland Security focus its energy where’s it’s most needed: To force Dominion to install a floating security barrier. All the fancy new speedboats are for “first responders.” How about focusing on deterrence first and there will be no need for responders.

Posted 9/11/14

[1] “Port security, now an organized, regional effort,” The Day, September 11, 2014,