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Millstone Unit 2 Still Shut Down (11/16/18)

As of Friday, November 16, 2018, Millstone Unit 2 is still shut down, having failed to power up above 19% capacity following a 37-day planned refueling outage that began on September 27.

For the 13th day since ascending to 19% power on November 3, Unit 2 has been shut down, generating nuclear waste but no nuclear power.

During the refueling outage, Dominion replaced the trouble-plagued unit’s in-core detectors which are located within the nuclear reactor core and are critical to measure and map power levels.

The NRC told the New London Day that Unit 2 was powering up as it emerged from the outage “when it was determined the detectors were not operating properly and a shutdown was necessary.”

Unit 2 had reached 19 per cent power on November 3 when the problem was identified.

The Day reported:
“[NRC spokesman Neil] Sheehan and NRC resident inspectors assigned to Millstone will follow up on Dominion Energy’s troubleshooting efforts and repairs and will track plans to restart the unit.”