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We applaud the civic-minded initiatives undertaken by the East Lyme Public Foundation to preserve the man-made Niantic Bay Beach for recreational use. See East Lyme Group Working To Preserve Niantic Bay Beach. (The Day July 2, 2018)

The East Lyme conservation group is overseeing the planting of beach plants in an effort to retard the loss of the trucked-in beach sand to storms and tides.
But what about the “elephant” at the beach – that other manmade wonder, Millstone nuclear power station, the Niantic neighbor that uses our seawater for flushing out chemical and radioactive waste byproducts and the thermal plume round-the-clock, each and every day.

Tides, currents and storms carry Millstone’s deadly poisons to the Niantic Bay shoreline.

When people – especially women and children – are exposed to this contaminated seawater, they risk cancer and other deadly diseases.

We compiled a list of some of the dozens of chemicals and radioisotopes Millstone flushes into Niantic Bay. The list was drawn from filings Millstone’s owners have made with the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Please help spread the word among beachgoers and others! Print this “warning” sign and distribute it freely!

Spending a day at the beach shouldn’t be harmful for children and other living creatures.

Print Warning Sign

Posted July 5, 2018