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Event: Stop the Nuclear Industry’s Plan to Hijack the Fight for Clean Energy!

Speaker Tim Judson

Executive Director of the Nuclear Information and Resource Center, who led a successful 2014 campaign to close the Vermont Yankee reactor.

Saturday, February 18, 2017;
6:00 p.m.
Connecticut Forest & Park Association
6 Meriden Rd, Rockfall, CT 06481

The Solutions Project has demonstrated that there are no technical obstacles to an emergency transition to a 100% clean renewable energy grid in Connecticut, and in the nation as a whole, by 2050. Other engineers assure us it can and must be done sooner. An emergency transition, together with energy conservation programs and the immediate development of abundant mass transit, will not only reduce climate change emissions but also provide more good paying jobs and lower the cost of living for CT residents.

The nuclear industry, long understood as unacceptably dangerous for those living in its midst and those mining its deadly fuel, is intervening to stop this transition. They are attempting to prolong the life of this outmoded energy source by falsely rebranding it as “zero-carbon emissions” and as part of the solution to climate change. In Connecticut, a bill has been introduced to allow the Millstone Nuclear Power Station, a particularly unsafe and environmentally destructive component of the current dirty energy system, to grab an even large share of the market.

All climate justice activists must reject this attempt of the nuclear industry to derail the fight for an emergency transition to real renewables. Get the tools you need to effectively oppose the nuclear industry game plan by coming to hear a national expert.

Sponsored by 350 CT and the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone.

For more information visit, email or call Ben at (203) 350-3508 or call Nancy at (203) 313-1510.

Download Flyer [PDF]

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Coalition Joins Beyond Nuclear Petition Seeking Immediate Emergency Shutdown of Millstone Unit 2 Over Reports of Potential Vulnerability Of Its French-Built Pressurizer

“Consequences of a defective pressurizer could be catastrophic”


Contact: Nancy Burton/

The Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone has joined Beyond Nuclear in petitioning the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to impose an immediate shutdown of Millstone Unit 2 in Waterford over disclosures of a potentially defective pressurizer, a safety-critical component.

The petition, filed on January 24, 2017 with the NRC, identifies Millstone Unit 2 as one of 17 nuclear reactors across the country operating with potentially defective critical-to-public-safety parts, including reactor pressure vessels, reactor pressure vessel lids and steam generators, all manufactured by a French company, Areva.

The petition seeks emergency shutdowns of Millstone 2 and the other identified reactors pending enhanced inspections of at-risk components.

“This is just the latest emergency in the trouble-plagued operations of Millstone 2, now brittle and enfeebled as it enters its 42nd year,” said Nancy Burton, director of the watchdog Coalition.

“Millstone 2 is a nuclear lemon that has been squeezed dry by a company driven by profit rather than safety,” she added. “It’s beyond time for composting in the nuclear scrapheap.”

Millstone 2’s pressurizer is designed to maintain pressure in the primary system and must keep the coolant in the reactor system in liquid state under severe temperature and pressure conditions.

“These components are now part of a global controversy as at-risk to failure as the result of the lack of quality control during the forging process of the large steel ingots where excess carbon was introduced and made the finished products susceptible to pressure-thermal shock failure, embrittlement, cracking and rapid tearing under pressure,” said Paul Gunter, of Beyond Nuclear, a national anti-nuclear organization based in Maryland.

“The reliability of these components has been further compromised by potential falsification of quality control and quality assurance documentation which is also under investigation [involving] foreign reactors,” Gunter said.

A briefing issued by Greenpeace in June 2016 states:
“This equipment [including pressurizers] must be extremely robust and operate to the highest mechanical standard to ensure total safety.
“Most of it is designed according to the ‘break preclusion’ principle: because the consequences of a sudden breakdown would be too serious to manage, safety inspections must guarantee that the irreproachable quality of the design and manufacture of the parts excludes any possibility of breakage during use.
“For this reason, potential irregularities in parts and, to an even greater degree, possible falsifications in the reports which call into question manufacturing quality, represent a serious safety threat.”

Three nuclear reactors Dominion operates in Virginia – one at Surry and two at North Anna – are also among the facilities identified as operating with potentially defective components manufactured by Areva.

Eleven other nations (France, UK , Sweden , Switzerland , Belgium , Spain , Slovenia , Brazil , China , South Korea , South Africa ) have operating nuclear reactors installed with potentially defective Areva components. In France, flaws found in the manufacturing process at Areva’s LeCreuset Forge have prompted the shutdown of 20 nuclear reactors with Areva components.

On January 7, 2017 , the Coalition filed a FOI request with Rob Klee, Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection seeking agency documents pertaining to the Unit 2 pressurizer. The DEEP is the NRC’s government liaison in Connecticut . Although the FOI Act requires an agency’s “prompt” compliance with a FOI request, as of January 25, 2017 , access to such public records has not been provided.

Link to Beyond Nuclear Press Release

Link to Emergency Petition

Link to Greenpeace Briefing (“Anomalies and suspected falsifications at Areva’s Creusot Forge site: Overview”)

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CT legislature presents “information session” on Millstone Bailout today at 1:00

CT legislature presents
“information session” on Millstone Bailout January 24, 2017 at 1 PM in Hartford. We will be there! Join us!

live stream

Energy and Technology Committee


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1:00:00 PM in Room 1D of the LOB

Informational Forum

A Stakeholders Status Report on Connecticut Energy

Where Are We? Where Are We Going?

I. Remarks by the Chairs

II. Presentations:

1:05 PM – 1:20 PM PURA: Katie Scharf Dykes, Chair

1:20 PM – 1:35 PM CT Green Bank: Bryan Garcia, President and


1:35 PM – 1:50 PM DEEP: Robert Klee, Commissioner

2:50 PM – 2:05 PM Office of the Consumer Council: Elin Swanson

Katz, Consumer Council

2:05 PM – 2:20 PM BEST: Arthur House, Chief Cyber Security Risk


BEST: Mark Raymond, Chief Information Officer

2:20 PM – 2:35 PM ISO New England: Eric Johnson, Director

External Affairs

ISO New England: Mary Louise "Weezie" Nuara, Esq., External Affairs

2:35 PM – 2:50 PM Solar City: Carine Dumit, Director Policy and

Electric Markets

2:50 PM – 3:05 PM RENEW North East: Francis Pullaro, Executive


3:05 PM – 3:20 PM REEBA: Paul Michaud, Counsel

3:20 PM – 3:35 PM Quantum Biopower: Brian Pagani, Vice President

and Managing Director

3:35 PM – 3:50 PM

Dominion Resources Inc.: Susan F. Tierney,

Ph.D., Senior Advisor Analysis Group, Inc.

Dominion Resources, Inc.: Daniel A. Weekley,

VP Corporate Affairs

New England Dominion Resources, Inc.: Kevin R. Hennessy, Director State Policy

3:50 PM – 4:05 PM Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coalition: Joel Rinebold,


III. Questions & Remarks

IV. Adjournment

World News

January 20, 2017

World News

Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator: Please respond to our request!

To Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator:

There’s Still Time to Respond to Our December 27, 2012 FOIA Request About Fukushima Monitoring! Please Do!

Gina McCarthyWe were alarmed to learn of the broken-down, volunteer-run ramshackle radiation monitoring system you oversaw in the days following the triple nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in March 2011.

Despite its gross limitations and insufficiencies, it did pick up traces of deadly Fukushima radioactivity in rainwater in Hartford CT and milk samples in Burlington VT and elsewhere.

But we wanted much, much more information and we FOIA-ed you for more.
You produced scanty records, heavily redacted to conceal the names of the people you were communicating with and other vital information.

We appealed for full disclosure.

By letter issued by your office of general counsel dated July 30, 2015, we received assurances our appeal would be properly addressed.

After that, we never heard from your general counsel again.

Please make it a priority before you leave office to release complete records responsive to our FOIA request.

However, as your first priority please be certain to reject the unconscionable new radioactivity-in-drinking-water standards you have advocated which increase by thousands of times allowable levels of radioactivity in the public drinking water due to nuclear accident or nuclear operations.

In short, please take action now to dispel any thought to the contrary that as EPA Administrator you have placed the interests of the nuclear power industry ahead of the public interest.

World News

Thank You First Lady Michelle Obama: Now May Your Impassioned Work for Women and Girls Continue!

Posted January 18, 2017

We honor Michelle Obama for her exceptional service and dedication as America ’s First Lady over the past eight years. She has been a potent inspiration for all the people of the world.

Now we ask her to devote herself, as she returns to private life, to channeling her innate passion for the health and well-being of women and children to rid the world of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

It is all very well to grow vegetables in an organic garden – but what if the atmosphere is raining down radiation that will seep into the soil and be absorbed by the food we harvest from our gardens and feed our children?

It is all very well to encourage children to select honey-nut Cheerios over Fruit Loops – but what if the milk they pour over their breakfast cereal contains the long- and-short-lived radioisotopes that cause cancer?

We encourage everyone to visit the website to read the posting “Risks to Women and Children from Nuclear Reactors,”
and the website to read the posting “Women and Children Require More Protection from Ionizing Radiation,”.

Women and children are especially vulnerable to exposure to radiation, which can damage their organs and lead to pain, suffering and early death, interrupting their fulfillment of life’s dreams.

We were disappointed that as First Lady Michelle Obama declined our offer of the gift of Katie the Goat’s granddaughter, Dana Blue-Eyes, to be one of the First Family’s White House pets and eventually radiation monitor once she began producing milk (See although we really appreciated her email calling our idea “fantastic” and wishing us good luck with the goat milk project.

But we are happy to announce Dana’s impending delivery of baby kids! Dana and we would be honored if the Obama Family would welcome the kids to their new home as pets and radiation monitors!

We were pained to witness on October 10, 2015 Michelle Obama’s act as First Lady christening of the USS Illinois – the Navy’s latest ballistic missile attack submarine capable of firing nuclear weapons that could annihilate life on this planet. We recognize temporal political realities that drive such endeavors. But we truly hope Michelle Obama will join the heroes and heroines of the nuclear-free world movement and exert the full force of her being to ridding the world of the nuclear menace.

We cannot think of a higher calling.

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Indian Point Nuke to Shut Down! Let’s Make Millstone Next!

The Indian Point nuclear plant will shut down by April 2021 under an agreement New York State reached this week with Entergy, the utility company that owns the facility in Westchester County, according to a person with direct knowledge of the deal.

Under the terms of the agreement, one of the two nuclear reactors at Indian Point will permanently cease operations by April 2020, while the other must be closed by April 2021.

See full article on NY Times here.

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EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy: TELL HER TO BE A WATER PROTECTOR!

If you were a mother and formerly Connecticut’s Commissioner of Environmental Protection, would you want your lasting legacy in the closing days of the Obama Administration (in which you served as Administrator of the Environmental Agency) to be that you allowed levels of radioactivity in drinking water to be thousands of times more than allowed under the Bush Administration?

Call EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy (202-564-4700) NOW and tell her not to allow grossly heightened health risks to our most vulnerable population – women and young children.

Tell Administrator McCarthy to be a Water Protector.

Tell her to replace her misnamed “Protective Action Guides” with existing drinking water quality standards and guides that protect pregnant women and children.

See story on NBC.

Read Beyond Nuclear’s comments on the PAGS.

Beyond Nuclear suggests you use this sample text:

Email address:

Sample text:
To: Administrator McCarthy

Please reject the drinking water PAGs. They do not protect pregnancy and childhood. In combination with the other PAGs, they would result in risks much higher than what EPA states are its risk goals for protecting public health. Don’t let your legacy be drinking water poisoned by radioactivity!

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Tell the CT Legislature to say NO to a Millstone bailout!

posted: January 4, 2017

Energy and Technology Committee Environment Committee
Legislative Office Building Capitol Avenue
Hartford CT 06106

Re: Millstone Bailout

Dear Honorable Members of the Energy and Technology Committee and the Environment Committee:

I write on behalf of the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone, as its director, concerning current efforts by the owner and operator of the Millstone nuclear power station (Dominion Nuclear Connecticut, Inc.) to achieve an economic legislative bailout.

Such a bailout would put responsible clean/renewable energy producers to a substantial economic disadvantage and harm Connecticut’s consumers at the same time.

At this writing, Dominion’s proposal has not yet been made public. Once the proposal has been made available to the public, we urge you to convene a public hearing at which you will direct Dominion to release financial records of the nuclear plant operations which the company maintains support its proposal and that you and members of your staffs will be fully prepared to closely examine Dominion’s representatives on this point.

Please recall that Dominion’s predecessor-in-interest, Northeast Utilities, successfully lobbied the then-Department of Public Utility Control and the General Assembly to “deregulate” its nuclear generation and marketing. With deregulation, Connecticut gave up its oversight role which had included mandatory annual reviews which protected ratepayers and promoted safety. If Dominion now wants a bailout because it believes Millstone operations are not sufficiently profitable under deregulation, Dominion should be amenable to a resumption of a vigorous oversight role by the State of Connecticut as previously carried out by the DPUC.

Further at the upcoming hearing on the proposed bailout, we request that you direct Dominion to thoroughly address the following critical current issue:

Why Millstone Unit 2 should not be shut down immediately in light of recent revelations that defective parts critical to nuclear safety as manufactured by AREVA, a French Company, were installed at Unit 2. Unit 2’s pressurizer, manufactured by AREVA, has been identified as potentially defective and prone to catastrophic failure. The pressurizer is a key component in the reactor coolant system. 1

The Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone was founded in 1998 to serve as a community watchdog and to engage the public in education on nuclear issues. We have brought to light numerous failures of nuclear safety and security at Millstone, including NU’s “loss” of two highly radioactive spent fuel rods (never recovered), Dominion’s deliberate disabling of its security perimeter fencing after 9-11 to save money, Dominion’s refusal to accept a taxpayer-funded set of waterborne barriers to deter terrorists from the nuclear reactors’ intake structures (notwithstanding a directive to do so by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security), the presence of high levels of strontium-90, strontium-89, cesium-134 and cesium-137 – all carcinogens – in dairy goats grazing five miles northeast of Millstone, and the discovery of a radioactive fish in Niantic Bay, among many others. We were instrumental in the passage of P.A. 08-20 (C.G.S. §22a-135(c)) requiring Dominion to post on its website notice in advance of planned radiation releases from Millstone to the air. On December 13, 2016, the Coalition’s campaign to stop Millstone’s 24/7 discharge to the Long Island Sound of toxic and radioactive materials and a thermal plume won a landmark victory in the Connecticut Supreme Court, Burton v. Commissioner, 323 Conn. 668.

Thank you for your attention to these serious issues.


Nancy Burton

1 See, e.g., “Anti-nuclear group [Beyond Nuclear]: Defective parts warrant shutdown of Millstone, other plants” (The New London Day, December 22, 2016)